Monday Motorway Music™, December 16 – Quieter Times Ahead


Phew. As I touched upon last week, even for a travel maniac like me the last four weeks have been a mouthful. And some. So in that sense, it is nice to start a week that has no intentions (keeping fingers crossed here) of sending me anywhere but to and from the office.

And on top of all of that, I obviously had to involve myself in the arrangement committee for the company Christmas party. No, you’re not going to get any photos from there – what happens on the dance floor stays on the dance floor 😉

But what I would like to say is that it is a major thrill to work with a dedicated, fun, creative and cool group of colleagues to create a frame – in this case, a Friday the 13th horror movie theme – and then have some 400 colleagues turn up, dressed not only to kill but in many, many cases to have been killed, and really fill out the frame we’d made to such an extent. Thank you all – whether you came as ghouls, devils, zombies, Jasons, Freddies or mere mortals!

And, next – when this work week is done – 1½ weeks of time off over Christmas and New Year. Family time, quiet times, some gatherings for Christmas (nothing too much) and a birthday and then a local bash for New Year to look forward to.

Probably not going to involve any significant motorway music listening – so to be on the safe side, Merry Christmas (or whatever happy holidays you happen to be partial to) and the best wishes for New Year. And I’ll leave you with an image above of a typical Danish Christmas tree ornament 🙂

A quiet little music list after all the turbulence –

Fading Like A Flower – Roxette
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Diana Krall
As Time Goes By – Bryan Ferry
Lonesome Avenue – Gasolin’
Fly Me To The Moon – Bob Tostes
Come To My Window – Melissa Etheridge
She Cares – Styx
Babe – Styx
Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind – Melody Gardot
Rikki Don’t Lose That Number – Steely Dan

Image courtesy of Gavin on Flickr
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