≈Monday Motorway Music™, December 9 – Still More Away Than Not


Last batch – I do hope – of travels before Christmas is ongoing, hence the flurry (well, one-post flurry) of CFR posts yesterday and the delay for the Monday list. On the other hand, greetings from the Observant café in Amersfoort, The Netherlands 🙂

In good news to come: Friday is the day for the company Christmas do – looking forward to that! Not in the least because I am “somewhat” involved in the arrangement set-up…

The song list from yesterday actually is very easy to sum up as it consisted by an album, due to the fact that I heard “The Real Thing” earlier in the morning, before take-off for work:

Biography – Lisa Stansfield


Photo from Amersfoort by me; Biography cover from the Interwebs.
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