Monday Motorway Music™, December 2 – A Somewhat Special Day

2013-12-01 14.38.12

Yes, last week was a little bit mad… To get my head screwed right back on, two main activities in the weekend: the annual troop scouting weekend and – pictured above – some outdoor, fresh air, manual work. Nothing like chopping up half a silver birch 🙂

The scouting, as usual, also was brilliant – the twenty-some kids we had along are just great kids. Positive, can-do, socially very caring and capable – and took the various strenuous challenges head on. With greatly varying results but with no grumbles. They even challenged us when we announced that we’d set an hour for the cleaning of the cabin we were in – they claimed they’d be able to do it in half the time (and as well, of course). And sure, they did. When did you ever see a bunch of 12-16 years olds throw themselves into cleaning with gusto?

Oh yes, the day today thing. Well … 10 years work anniversy. How time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

And, in the same vein: This is the 200th post on the blog. So, big time noticeable Monday!

Quiet little batch of songs for you today –

You Don’t Know What Love Is – Katrine Madsen
Precious Little Diamond – Fox the Fox
Oh Daddy – Fleetwood Mac
S’Wonderful – Diana Krall
Bewitched – Katrine Madsen
Ensom (Unplugged) – Medina
Comes Love -Sinne Eeg

Image by me
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