Monday Motorway Music™, November 4 – MD-80 to the eternal plane fields


This is actually going to be a cross-topic post: an MMM post because, well, it is Monday and I have been a bit late in picking up this bit of news – and also a CFR post because saying goodbye to SAS’ MD-80 planes undoubtedly is a flight related item.

I could say many things about the MD-80 – but the story I have picked is a quite personal one. Not too long ago – sometime in the last year or so, I was checking in online and was going to pick my seat (Why? See over here…). My son was for some reason looking over my shoulder and when the characteristic 2:3 configuration popped up, I offhandedly said “Oh, an MD-80…” To which I got an astonished, “Do you know the plane type just by seeing that???” Oh well … yes. I do. I’m like that…

But a fond farewell to the MD-80. If you can, I would recommend you to drop by SAS’ Facebook page – there’s a quite nice gallery of the commemoration of the last flight.

Which all has nothing to do with this morning’s list of music –

Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
Guns And People – Eric Serra (Subway Soundtrack)
As Long As You Follow – Fleetwood Mac
I’ve Been Thinking About You – London Beat
Will  You Love Me Tomorrow? – The Shirelles
The Writing On The Wall – Sinne Eeg
I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen
Keep On Loving You – REO Speedwagon 

Image by Nicolai Jensen from the SAS Facebook Gallery
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