Monday Motorway Music™, October 28 – Doing Things Differently

2013-10-26 21.35.17

Yes, those are Halloween pumpkins – and yes, the middle one has “1D” carved into it. Why not combine a traditional activity with a little fan expression? 🙂

Of course, this is just another sneaky way of getting some music linked into a post – something that I seem to be making a whole little sub-theme of around here. The image above is actually from the weekend’s troop scouting trip, where the pumpkins made up a cosy little Saturday evening activity after Friday night’s more strenous night exercise in the nearby forest.

2013-10-26 13.28.56Music also had a place in the weekend – nothing sneaky about it, actually. It’s hard to be sneaky when you start by setting up two active PA speakers and connect them to a variety of music playing devices -I believe the list (over time) included 1 iPod, 1 iPad, 3 iPhones, 1 HTC and two PCs… So, for those who believe that scouts only run around following old women across streets and sit around campfires cutting and carving sticks, think again.

Why so much music? Because the programme for the weekend included a couple of team competitions – and music is just such an energizer. There was a “drink water, drink water or you die” song, lots of general upbeat tunes to keep everyone on their toes. And then, of course, the team songs. Each team in the competition got their own song – which was then played on repeat for the team currently in 1st place, so while the competition was on, everyone could tell who was in the lead.

For one of the competitions – a wickedly clever one that turned the dreaded cleaning of the cabin Sunday morning into a fun-loaded, hi-energi game – the team song list looked like this (from memory at least):

  1. LFMAO – Sexy And I Know It
  2. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger
  3. Ricky Martin – Livin’ The Vida Loca

As said, lots of energy there 🙂

2013-10-25 23.05.09There was, of course, also lots of classical scouting. The night exercise did, not unexpectedly, reveal that there is a number of scouts in the troop who needs to sharpen their orienteering capabilities quite a bit. We did some excellent cooking – an outdoor three-course warm lunch-time meal over open fire: Grilled flat-bread with vegetables, melon and yoghurt/mint/chili dressing; spicy chicken-stew with almonds, abricots & cous-cous and grilled pears (that should have been peach). Mmmmm! Recipes here if anyone wants to have a go.

And the live-sized Settlers game on Saturday had lots of small challenges in order to win the coveted ressources – knots, codes and what have you.

For my Monday morning, the BPM load was a little less dramatic. And a few rarities came crawling out of the woodwork…

Holier Than Thou – Metallica
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Andrew Sisters
Goodnight – Evanescence
Daddy Ding Dong – Gasolin’
C’Est Si Bon – Herb Miller
Green Flower Street – Donald Fagen
Face The Reality – The Walkers
Time Enough For Tears – The Coors
Heaven – Eurythmics
Seven Steps To Heaven – Lynne Arriale Trio

Images by me.
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