Monday Motorway Music™, October 21 – Come rain or shine


We’ve certainly had both today – though it feels as if it quaified for more of the former than the latter. Very Monday-y Monday – I gave N, our son, a ride to high school this morning as his knee acting badly up – and it just poured! One of these rains where it starts kind of nicely and then it’s like somebody has found the bigg wheel-shaped faucet and just turns and turns and turns and the rain just hammers down.

Got to work and didn’t have my RFID-doortag with me due to some “unprecedented” tidying of surfaces in the house over the weekend (read: I forgot to put it back in my usual bag after biking on Friday and it ended up in a drawer instead of with me).

The Monday itself was quite hectic as it included a presentation I was part of giving to the board of directors. Not that we hadn’t done a good job of preparing it and not that we didn’t know what to say and in which order There’s just something about presenting to The Board, y’know – you’re on your toes. Not necessarily a bad thing, either… Long story short; it went well.

Which in turn will mean some business and some serious travelling – which, if nothing else, will be good for the CFR side of this blog 😉

Music of the afternoon – for once, it is a going-home-on-the-motorway sor of list:

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Maria Augusta
Emotional Rescue – Freedom Dub (Bossa N Stones 2)
Love In A Foreign Place – Gossip
Ich Tarzan, Du Jane – Frl. Menke
Thank You For The Music – ABBA
Hole In Your Soul – ABBA

Images by me.
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