Monday Motorway Music™, October 14 – Autumn’s being serious about it

2013-10-14 09.23.03

It’s actually not bad – we still haven’t really seen cold (as much as you see temperatures…). But the leaves are falling more and more, certainly. For the first time this year, when I walked the dog in the weekend, there were actually enough leaves on the ground to do this shuffling-your-feet through them. Admit it – you did it as a kid, you still do. Well, at least I do 🙂

2013-10-14 09.24.49And the colour range certainly is there. The green’s fighting back, not wanting to be completely out of the picture – but nevertheless, the yellows, oranges and reds are slowly but steadily taking over. Until they fall and turn brown. And shuffely…

Music of the morning:

2013-10-14 09.22.54More Than I Can Bear – Matt Bianco
The Happiest Day of Our Lives – Pink Floyd
Et ævle om dagen – Shu-Bi-Dua
I Want That Man – Debbie Harry
Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield & Maggie Riley
Straighten Up And Fly Right – Andrew Sisters
Cold – Annie Lennox

Images by me.
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