Tuesday Bicycle Music™, September 17 – Whooo, Unexpected Ride!

17-09-2013 11-17-42

She’s got a ticket to ride…

Well, don’t get me started 😉 And while I did listen to Beatles on the way (as you’ll see below), it wasn’t that one… And I (in place of “her”) surely wasn’t sad, on the contrary.

See, this morning while walking the dog, I noticed the beautiful morning around me. Stars out – saw my favourite, Orion, up there for the first time in quite a while – no wind at all, beautiful. OK, cold at 6°C, but hey – that’s what clothing is for.

So when I got back home, I checked the forecasts – and since it promised nice and a 4 m/s wind from the south later, I decided to change my plans a bit and hop on my bike to work at the not-that-but-the-other company location. Originally, I’d planned to go by car and only be there until lunch – but with the change in transport mode, it’d be for the day. Good thing, too – the thing I came to do would not be half done by lunch, anyway.

So with a few solid navigation stops, I did the 25 km ride here and ’twas a nice one. As to navigation – with all the years of scouting under my belt, I can’t recall when I last, with a map in my hand, walked the wrong way or got lost while walking. But – on a bike, orienteering is just hard. You can’t look at the map while riding – I at least would surely drive head on into something. And “in the dark, things happen faster” (there he goes song-quoting again – points awarded for identifying the song sans googling) – that is to say that even if you do have a turn sort of fixed in your head, it’s very easy to suddenly go – hey, was that the one there…?

Got here, though – and it should be a smoother ride home, having solved some of the way-finding riddles coming here. And – with the wind in my back 🙂

The music:

Crystal Ball – Styx
5 Minutes Past Loneliness – The Sandmen
I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles
Rette Mich – Nena
Det er ikke det, du siger – Anne Linnet Band
Take On Me – a-ha
Dark Eyes – Donnie Munro
I Need A Man – Eurythmics
Get Up And Go – The Go-Go’s
Miracle Of Love – Eurythmics
What A Feeling (Flashdance) – Marcela Mangabeira
Missing – Everything But The Girl
Angel – Eurythmics
Relight My Fire – Don Hartman
Fed Rock – Shu-Bi-Dua
You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate
Whole Lotta Lovin’ – Huey Lewis & The News
Feel – Robbie Williams

Image via the Runmeter App.
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