Monday Motorway Music™, September 16 – Looking in the Mirror

2013-09-16 08.22.45

It seems to me that the mirror may represent quite a few things – not only where you see yourself in the morning (with increasing interference in signal quality, it seems 😉 ) but also metaphorically.

This Monday morning, looking backwards, it still gives off warm and content feelings of a very nice weekend spent with good friends – seeing some parts of Denmark that we’d collectively never seen before and having lots of time for good talking, good eating and drinking and generally just having good times.

In more overall terms, the mirror can also reference assessing who you are and that even in relation to what you might think you should be. Generally, no reasons for complaints on that score – painted with the bigger brush, life and me get on rather well. Bumps and detours, surely – and before I get all too smug, here’s a song to remind me to stay focused and keep the eyes on the road:

Smooth road clear day
But why am I the only one
Traveling’ this way
How strange the road you love
Can be so easy
Can there be a detour ahead?
“Detour Ahead”; Lou Carter & Herb Ellis & Johnny Frigo
Many artists, including Sarah Vaughan and Sinne Eeg.

And as I have now thusly written myself into the music corner  – here’s the short list of music that got me from A to the B this morning (nope, no Infernal on the list…):

Shangri-La – Electric Light Orchestra
Don’t Leave Me This Way – The Communards
Glass Of Champagne – Sailor
Stjerne til støv – Sebastian
Oh Yeah – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

Image by me.
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