Monday (well, Thursday) Motorway Music™, August 22 – life in the fast lane

(the two arrows, left to right says "Me" and "Life", respectively.)

(the two arrows, left to right, says “Me” and “Life”, respectively.)

“She’d say, ‘Faster, faster. The lights are turnin’ red.”
Life in the fast lane
Surely make you lose your mind, mm
Are you with me so far? “

OK, it’s not quite that bad. And yes, it is hurried and a little stressed at the moment and the brilliant cartoon drawing from Marens Blog above summarises it very well – but it is also quite self-chosen and, by and large, good-hurried rather than bad-hurried.

See, a major work project I’ve been running for a while now has a significant milestone coming up tomorrow. So, lots of thoughts and presentations being made and done. Hmm, actually just one presentation, but it’s redone and honed and distilled over and over to be knife-edge, gleaming, razor-sharp. Or so I hope.

In addition, we had a big family do in this past weekend – very nice and good party with good food, good drink, good ambiance, good people. But still, it took a little doing.

And there’s a bit to do also to help and assist my dear daughter who’s moving out and into her own digs. More than any, this one thing probably makes me hang on in the slipstream of life’s flying arrow. I mean … where did that one come from, in the blink of an eye? I do know, of course, and it’s all well and good. But … damn 😉

Add to all this that the scouting season started last week and had it’s first serious activities yesterday – again, all good and fine and it’s good to be back at it and with a real fine leader’s team and a lot of cool, awesome scouts both “old” and new, this year has all the hallmarks of being brilliant.

Whine, whine, smile, smile. What am I doing, bickering  – life’s the way I’ve built it and I am in the thick of it where I actually want to be 🙂

And, as usual, I have music to keep me company – the score to my life’s movie, so to speak. And, incidentally, The Eagles do not appear on the list for today…:

Du Must Mein Zufall Sein – Frl. Menke
Blinded by the Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
Thunder Busters  – AC/DC vs Ghostbusters mashup
Jeg vil ha’ dig – TV-2
The Ballroom Blitz – The Sweet
Let’s Dance – David Bowie
And She Was – Talking Heads

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