CFR Airport Reviews: MAD – Madrid Barajas (T2)

Today’s SAS plane waiting to take me home…

This will be a little bit of a short review – it is morning and after a couple of good but long days, I didn’t quite get around all the nooks and corners.

As an interesting first, getting through security here is easier if you have your boarding pass on the mobile. “Ordinary” printed boarding pass passengers had to go through the classical winding queue thingy, but with a mobile pass, you just show it to a guy who then lets you scan the phone on a reader and presto, you’re directly at the X-ray scanners. As mobile passes gets more and more common, this may well change – but for now, there’s an “elite access” option available to anyone tech savvy 🙂

The main impression is that T2 is not the newest of flight temples, but it is rather large and certainly nice and spacy – which I do prefer to some where everything’s crammed together in very little space. Also, there is an abundance of shopping possibilities for those so inclined.

In terms of eating, there are quite a few possibilities – just after security, there was a quite ordinarily looking run-of-the-mill cafeteria thing that I guess may do good business primarily due to its location as the first you see 😉 Further in, there are a couple of options, including a Tapas restaurant, that I remember as actually being quite decent.

SAS runs the “VIP” lounge (as these lounges are named on signs throughout the airport) in a shared lounge upstairs over the E gate area. Again, as a pleasant contrast to many other lounges, it is very spacy. Again, for sustenance, it is well stocked – all I dipped into this morning was coffee and orange juice but there were nibblies as well as what seemed like a full wet bar.

All in all, nice and unhurried (which may well be due to August been vacation time in Madrid and much of the vacation traffic presumably being domestic from T1) – certainly, at is time, the airport did not live up to its three-letter moniker.

That’s it for this time – as always, remember to fly safely.

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