Monday Motorway Music™, June 24 – Danish Midsummer & stupid gawkers

2013-05-21 08.20.44

Not that these two topics have anything to do with each other…

To start off with the least pleasant bit – what the freaking f*** is it with people when there are blue lights and an accident… on the opposite of the motorway? Apparently, everyone need to gawk. Which, accordingly to the online dictionary that I frequent, means “to stare or gape stupidly”. And that very aptly describe what they do.

To the extent that they have to slow down to bloody 30 km an hour, obsolete to the massive queues building up behind them. Dear motorists: Get. A. Life. Concentrate on your driving, cast a quick sideways glance if you must, look it up on the internet news when you get to where you are going – but just keep on driving, will you?


As to Midsummer, in Denmark we celebrate Skt Hans – which, I have just learned, is actually in the honour of St John the Baptist. But, typically, a religious spin on an already existing heathen (or, maybe more accurately, pagan) celebration – designed to more firmly root the new religion.

2013-06-23 22.55.53Today’s Skt Hans celebrations would probably not be very pleasing to the clergymen – there is a nary a religious word spoken but traditional bonfires, singing, drinking and burning of witches – or, rather, a doll/figurine made out of straw etc and placed on the top of the bonfire. According to tradition, the witches fly on brooms to  Brocken, a mountain in Germany.

(There were, sadly, burning of witches in Denmark in the 15-1600’s but this has never been linked to the Midsummer bonfire tradition)

2013-06-23 22.16.52Some of our friends have taken it upon them to establish a cosy little tradition of having an annual cocktail party with a Baker’s dozen (not literally, but slightly more than twelve, probably) of friends. So we were hoisting Summer Breezes, Margueritas, Strawberry Daiquiries and Blue Lagoons at each other in celebratory toasts while having our own very local (and small) bonfire, sans witch.

So it was late-ish before we went home – by the way, the evening sky in the bonfire photo above is the real thing at around 23:00 (11 pm)! And from that lateness it follows that the morning music in the car, even though there was nothing like a headache or hangover making its presence known, was a wee bit on the quiet side –

An Affair to Remember – Lynne Arriale Trio
After The Love Has Gone – Earth, Wind & Fire
Twist In My Sobriety – Tanita Tikaram
Dance Away – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
Dansevise – Sinne Eeg
Efter Festen – Sneakers

Images by me.
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