Wednesday Bicycle Music™, June 12 – “To infinity… and beyond!”

12-06-2013 14-38-35

No, I’m not claiming to be Buzz Lightyear – and neither have I dressed myself out in spacegear today for my bike ride. As a matter of fact, I am often surprised that many Danes, especially men, apparently believe it is necessary to look exactly like a UCI Pro Tour rider in order to get on a bike and transport themselves from A to B.

No, I don’t ride a generation-old heavy Raleigh just be be “true to origins”. And yes, I did wear some technical clothing – such as a running (moisture transporting) T-shirt and a Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm (which, despite the name, isn’t really a winter thing but a slighty thicker base layer ) as an outer layer as the morning temperature was about 10°C at the offset.

But the thing with those is that I can use them for all the things I do – I use them (and they’re bought) for hiking but they’re also great for biking. So – spending a thousand DKK (or two) for gear just for biking? And then all over again for hiking? No sir – won’t do that…

I do spend money on outdoor gear – but not to look right. For the purpose of the gear, yes.

But I digress…

The “To Infinity” just means that I threw myself on a new route today – and a longer one. After last week’s 5-day stay at a conference in Rotterdam, complete with loads of restaurant and conference food, I needed to bike. And Monday and Tuesday both had calendars that said “Ermm, no!” so today was my first chance. OK, I had meetings at another company site – but the ride was a mere 3.5 km longer. Done!

(Turns out that the ride actually ended up at 24 km insted of 21.5 – due to a bit of misnavigation, but especially due to trusting the signage along a very nice bike route. The signs had the name of my destination – but that route goes in a rather wide arc quite a bit too far West. So in fact, the post today could also aptly have been titled “Going the extra mile” …)

The ride’s flatter and more hard surface than my usual forest route. Not quite as pretty, but the extra distance is more than compensated for by the surface enabling a faster ride. On the two 5-km intervals from 10 to 20 km, I was easily averaging 22 km/h – and the max speeds on those were 26 and 30 km/h. Again, on flat roads. I am quite pleased 🙂

Longer, even extra-longer, ride means more music – so here’s a selection from the morning ride:

Big Fat Mama (Live) – France Gall
Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benetar
Når lygterne tændes – Lars H.U.G.
Ma-Me-O-Beach – Joan Armatrading
What Is Love – Haddaway
Making Your Mind Up – Bucks Fizz
Similar Features – Melissa Etheridge
Girl of 100 Lists – The Go-Go’s
’74-’75 – The Connell
Angel (Choir Version) – Eurythmics
I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Come Back – Meat Loaf
Love Hurts – Nazareth
The Ballroom Blitz – The Sweet
Let’s Dance – David Bowie
The Locomotion – Little Eva
Captain of Her Heart – Double Side

Image from Runmeter online
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