Monday Motorway Music™, May 27 – a good traffic antidote

On the Orange trail in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

On the Orange trail in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

You’re right, that’s not a motorway – indeed, it in’t even remotely suitable for a car. It’s from somewhere on Ås-Ås Leden (the Ås-Ås Trail). “Ås” means a long ridge and this particular trail goes from Hallands-åsen to Söderåsen.

With a group of scouts, we walked section 3 and 4 of the trail plus connecting distances from and to the nearest public transport – so from Friday evening to Sunday morning, we did about 25 km of hiking. If you want to see it on a map: here – we walked from Klippan down to Krika Skog, from there to Liagården and then out to catch a bus at Skäralid.

The terrain there can only be described as striking and beautiful. Very varied – beech forest, pine forest, rocks, creeks – whether quietly flowing or rapids – meadows, you name it. We jokingly, somewhere late Saturday afternoon, officially named a small winding path through young, dense beech forest “terrain type 23” and I don’t think we were half wrong…

So it was with a good, long, fresh-air filled weekend behind me I got into the car this morning. Nothing like the complete quiet and emptiness of the Swedish forests to balance the traffic on a Monday morning motorway. Though today actually was a good one – at least compared to last week where I was traffically challenged several times.

Also a set of quiet music this morning –

Gangster’s Paradise – Coolio
To lys på et bord – Otto Brandenburg
Jealous Guy – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
All Around The World – Lisa Stansfield
Calling You – Jevetta Steele
Nine Million Bicycles – Katie Melua

Image by me.
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