Friday Bicycle Music™, May 3 – Mission Accomplished

First sheer green of the beech trees - next few weeks will be fantastic!

First sheer green of the beech trees – next few weeks will be fantastic!

Well, yes … and no, not really. Unlike a certain ex-President, I am actually self-aware enough to know that I have reached a milestone but not yet done the whole project. Or won a skirmish, not yet the war, if you will.

But this week did mark the first one where I have done (well, when I get home this afternoon) two bicycle rides to work in a week. Which is my target for the season – travel (and maybe weather) permitting.

So far, the weather is awfully nice, even if it is cold – May 3rd and frost on the saddle when I got out to the bike a few minutes past 7? I mean, what?? So the first kilometer was rather cool – but overall, a no-wind, clear, sunny, very nice bike ride.

Which deserves another picture, from just around the first kilometer mark:


The music list is excerpts only as I got the playlist reset by finger-fumbling after arrival. Today I’d say that the Sinne Eeg song maybe wasn’t ideal for power biking (as if) but  just somehow fit the atmosphere and mood of the morning very well:

Kayleigh – Marillion
As Long As You Follow – Fleetwood Mac
Ain’t No Cure For Love – Leonard Cohen
The Windmills Of Your Mind – Sinne Eeg
Black Velvet – Alannah Myles
Du er så smuk og dejlig – Shit & Chanel
Beethoven (I Love To Listen) – Eurythmics
Got To Get You Into My Life – Earth, Wind & Fire
Angel From Montgomery – Bonnie Raitt

Images by me, en route this morning
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