Monday Motorway Music™, April 29 – a post that shouldn’t have been


Due to the Danish vacation system, lots of people have lots of vacation at the moment, work providing. The official vacation year runs May 1 – April 30 and so it is about saving these precious days before they fall over the cliff edge.

And so it was for me today (and for my wife also tomorrow – envy!) – a long weekend. And one that actually was even longer because Friday was a national holiday 🙂

But instead of sleeping in, I volunteered to get up early and give my daughter a ride – she’d landed a (so far; keeping fingers crossed) month’s full time job and had to be there for her first day at 9. And, for Denmark and the Great Copenhagen area, public transport from here to there is rather abysmal and very time consuming. Hence the good daddy act 🙂

For the coming month, I’ll either drop her off halfway there as it is actually on my way to work anyway or she can have the car if I bike to work. Yes, I’ll expect some gentle pro-biking pressure 😉

But the outcome of this was that I was in the car, on the road and did put the music on :

Run Like Hell (Live) – Pink Floyd
Plaintive Rumba – Lisa Ekdahl
Dreamer’s Ball – Queen
Moods – Jojo Effect
Isn’t It A Lovely Day – The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Diana Krall

Image by me.
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