Wednesday Bicycle Music™, April 17 – On The Road Again

Løgsø, Rude Skov (the water in the back - the puddle in the front is, well, just that, albeit a large one)

Løgsø, Rude Skov (the water in the back – the puddle in the front is, well, just that, albeit a large one)

Woohoo! Got myself on the bike and rode to work today, first time of the season. A beautiful day for it – scattered, light clouds, pale April sun, about 8°C when I set out and very little wind.

I had feared this first trip – well, a strong word, but at least fretted a bit – as it is usually a tough one, given that I as usual have done nothing much over the winter.

2013-04-17 10.13.40But hey – it went very well! I realised somewhere between kilometres six and eight that I was flying over that stretch – a slightly descending part between two of the bigger climbs. And I thought “Hey, cool :)” and decided to change my playlist to a more “ambitious” one (read: more BPMs) at the inevitable stop at one of the very few traffic lights along the way.

Of course I now need to worry a little bit about how the ride home will go, even if there is a net descent that way. Not to mention if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow … 😉

The music list, partly due to the playlist change along the way, offered an easy choice for the post title: By some obscure statistical phenomenon, Katie Melua got to both start and end the ride with her, aptly titled, “On The Road Again”. The rest looked more or less like this:

Our Love Is Easy – Melody Gardot
The Way We Were – Barbara Streisand
Halfway Up The Hindu Kush – Katie Melua
She Cares – Styx
Everytime We Touch – Maggie Reilly
Skygger af skønhed – CV Jørgensen
Black Velvet – Alannah Myles
Does Your Mother Know – ABBA
Fascination – Alphabeat (got me up a forest hill!)
Be My Baby – Ronettes
I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts
Hej Maria – Bifrost
I’m Outta Love – Anastacia

Image by me, en route this morning
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