Monday Motorway Music™, April 9 – Mist


This is something I have written on before – but in a previous electronic incarnation, so without further ado, I jump over the fence where it is lowest and republish:

“The mist crawls from the canal like some primordial phantom of romance.” Walking in the mist, the old song line creeps into my mind. Not unlike the phantom itself.
What is primordial, I wonder? But the thought soon fades, grayed by the dew that hangs in the air.

Misty. Has a good sound to it, pleasant even. Can it be pleasant being misty? Sure. I think. “I’ve heard it in a love song. I guess that melody was written just for me.”

There is no canal for this mist to appear from. Just the train tracks. A train whistle points out that they are there for a reason.
Funny how some sounds care about the mist. Voices, shouting, some way away – dulled by the mist. Whereas the shrill whistling from the train cuts through the dampness like a ray of light. A yellow ray, a sound like bright sunshine.

In the sun, things are sharp, movements clear, intentions are … there for you to see. In the mist, while the same things are quite obviously there, the movements seem less important. And intentions are something you need to feel.
You can see, sure , but everything seems a little blurred, like if the mist makes close ups a little more distant.
Inside the mist, I feel … safe, maybe … tranquil, I think is the best way of putting it.

“Bitter Suite i) Brief Encounter”. Marillion.
“A Brand New Life”. R Brecker/C Norby.

IMG_2267Oddly enough, when I was driving in the mist this morning, I did feel quite safe and content within its envelope. And the change, when I reached the point on my way and the time of morning when the sun had gathered enough morning energy to burn through the mist, was monumental. All of a sudden, I came from a subdued, quiet world into one of full 3D Technicolour. Amazing.

(Both pictures were taken this morning, maybe 10 km and 20-25 minutes apart)

No mist to be found on the sound track, I believe – it went its own windy paths like this:

Young Blood – Darts
I Got You Babe – Sonny & Cher
Cocaine – J.J. Cale
Husker Du – Halberg Larsen
Call Me When You’re Sober – Evanescence
Move To The Mood -Caroline Henderson
You’re driving Me Crazy – Curtis Stigers
It’s All Coming Back To Me Now – Céline Dion
Lover Please – Melissa Etheridge
Self Inflicted -Katy Perry

Images by me.
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