Monday Motorway Music™, April 2 – Spring at day, Winter at night

Ice melting under a spring sun. (Lagan, Sweden)

Ice melting under a spring sun. (Lagan, Sweden)

Before I start rejoicing and lamenting the weather this spring in equal amounts, let me just confess that last week’s post seemed to prove that I am not very good with days and dates – a Monday Morning post named for March 25 and yet posted on the 28th… Screw-up in scheduling. But at least it had a nice wee bunny rabbit to look at 🙂

Just before sitting down in front of the keyboard to write this, I had a short walk to my car in the company parking lot to pick up a note with some dates I need to get into my calendar. And gee, it’s nice out there – at least in the sun. Absolutely no doubt that it is spring – soft, nice air, the sunshine is clearly warm, just the gentlest of breezes and a very blue sky.

Patches of snow on the ground still there to remind that winter is only reluctantly letting go – and especially so in the nights. OK, we live in an area that micro-climatically is one of the colder around Copenhagen. But still, -6°C when I walked the dog this morning – brrrrrr…

Yet, even at that time, spring was making its presence known. The songbirds were singing and the woodchucks were chucking. And in mere weeks – let us see what the temperature curve does, but in principle in no more than four – the beech trees should start their magic. More on that when it happens!

No spring theme or anything in the music – just the usual odd mix:

Come Back, Baby – Alex Wilson Band
Blockbuster! – The Sweet
Blue Moanin’ – BTO
Sådan nogen som os – Poul Krebs
Tainted Love – Soft Cell
Does Your Mother Know – ABBA
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Zindy Kuku Boogaloo

Image by me.
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