Monday Motorway Music™, March 18 – Twisted Sister on the weather

Siberia Snowstorm

This Monday morning had a quite solid need for an efficient music wake-me-up therapy. Yesterday was an all-day scouting event that I’d been orchestrating along with another guy – the annual competition between the senior*/leader scout “clans”. I was up a 6am (on a Sunday!) and back home a little after 10pm. But a good day it was.

So, the mornings playlists went on the heavier side – and, upon seeing the apocalyptic articles in the morning paper about the weather we’re about to have (hint: still not spring), I sort of figured that this was the dialogue Twisted Sister was having:

Turn it down, you say
Well, all I got to say to you is time and time again, I say, “No!”

…as in: The Weather Gods apparently want the temperature turned back down. Even enlisting Twisted Sister’s emphatic “No!” seems to be in vain, though – the snowstorm is crawling over the country as I write and should hit here by tomorrow. Here it is as it’ll look tomorrow morning (image from DMI):


That orange tongue pointing at Copenhagen is approx 2 mm precipitation (measured as rain – in snow, that could be 2 cm). Per hour. For quite some hours. With 11 to 17 m/s of wind. Ugh.

Do Ya – ELO
I Wanna Rock – Twisted Sister
Girl Can Rock – Hillary Duff
I Hate Myself for Loving You – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
AC/DC – The Sweet
The Anniversary Waltz – Status Quo
Hold The Line – Toto

Image courtesy of arcticbears on Flickr
* In the terminology of the DDS, the age group(s) older than troop scouts – basically 17/18 and up.
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