Cobblestone Flight Review: MUC-HAJ on Lufthansa

I was just about to claim that I had decided to write up a review of this flight as it was my first domestic flight in the series – but it actually isn’t as I have covered Turkish Airlines’ domestic route to Izmir earlier.

Nevertheless, as I now had my pencil sharpened and my writing appetite woken up – and, also, since Munich airport only has a Priority Pass lounge in terminal 1 (hopelessly irrelevant when you’re airside in terminal 2) and since I am still a few thousand Eurobonus points from achieving Gold status and thus getting Lufthansa lounge access, I could at least entertain myself a little with crafting some opening remarks while I waited in a seat by gate G27.

One nice thing about Munich airport, by the way, is that their Telekom-driven wi-fi offers anyone (well, anyone capable of giving a mobile phone number and receiving an SMS) 30 minutes of free internet access. So, in all honesty, I read my private mail, did a quick check of my social media and browsed through today’s issue of Danish newspaper Politiken on the iPad – and only then devoted a few thoughts to this post.

And should you think that I digress, that Internet access tip, in my mind, is highly travel relevant – even if it might not pertain directly to flight LH2102.

The flight, then? On checking in from home Sunday afternoon, I had seen that the plane had a 3:3 configuration. That made me go “Airbus” and, with a little consideration, A319 or 321. (Why not 320? No idea, really…). Smugness descended on me when I saw the A319 safety instruction card in front of me in seat 10C – the mid-cabin emergency exit row. (And for what it’s worth, my daughter has deemed me a lost soul of travel nerdiness due to the fact that I do identify (some) aircrafts by their seating plans…)

The Lufthansa inflight magazine had this little gem to offer about the A319 in the section on their aircrafts: “And passengers appreciate the surprisingly spacious feel of the jet’s interior.” Well … in all honesty, I had to ask “Which passengers?” It’s a run of the mill medium sized short distance aircraft with no more or no less space – to me, at least. But hey, at least you can stand reasonably in the middle aisle, in contrast to the CRJ 900s often used at these distances – 2×2 seat configuration, by the way ;).

Lufthansa still runs a service with a snack of sorts and a trolley with drinks – soft and not-so-soft – which actually is a plus in my mind. After a long day, starting with a flight 6:45 followed by meetings most of the day, it is nice to sit back with a glass of something. OK, if you are paying 15€ plus taxes for a ticket, there can be an argument not to serve anything complimentary – but on full-fare airlines, for the lack of a better word, it’s a little harder to explain away lack of serviec (yeah, US Airlines, SAS and more, I’m looking at you…)

Flighttrack LH2102Pushed back 8 min late, touched down and got to the gate in Hannover 8 min late – I’d call both survivable. And Hannover is a nice airport to arrive at – it’s quite small, so the walking distance from place to exit is short and sweet. Probably more than compensated for the 8 minutes delay if you compare to a MUC or AMS.

And the hotel was literally across the street – an early night for yours truly, then.

A verdict? Short, nothing to remark, service on board – on to chalk up for the good side, surely.

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