Monday Motorway Music™, March 4 – Middle Lane Morons, unite


Had some time in traffic this morning. Oh yeah, I know that Copenhagen traffic doesn’t hold a stick to the motorways around London or to what seems to go on all over the Netherlands twice a day 😉 Plus I have the luxury of generally going opposite of rush hour traffic. But still…

The photo above very nicely illustrates my thoughts. This is on an even lighter time, traffic-wise, somewhere from the motorway net around Copenhagen. And yet – look at the three-lane road going straight. Around 10 cars visible – and 7 of them solidly planted in the middle lane???

I belive – or at least think – that the US, to pick an example of another place where I drive distances on a resaonably regular basis, do not really have a rule in the traffic code specifying lane use. I may be wrong but at least the traffic tends to be completely randomly distributed over lanes over there. But here, we do. The Danish traffic code §15: “Drivers must , taking other traffic and conditions in general into consideration, keep as far right as possible.”

When these … unthinking drivers all chose to blindly cruise along in the middle lane, they actually reduce the nice three-lane motorway to a two-lane one. ‘Cause it is very, very illegal to overtake on the right.

Why is it so warm and fuzzy and safe to drive out there in the middle? Absolutely no idea. But maybe the high Danish tax level make people go “Hey! I’ve paid for this road all bloody myself. So I get to use it anyway I want, dammit!” Or maybe they just don’t think.

The latter theory may have something going for it – at the very least as it exists also in Canada under the very apt description of Middle Lane Morons. And if they think, these drivers, it seems not to be about the traffic around them. Go have a read, it’s a good way of getting rid of your pent up irritation when someone takes these hopeless drivers to the court of biting humour.

The good thing about being in traffic that makes the commute a bit longer is of course that there is more time to enjoy some good music in the morning. Such as –

Guns and People – Eric Serra/Soundtrack from Subway
Rock Is My Life, and This Is My Song – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Phil & Delphia – Shu-Bi-Dua
Sadness Is a Blessing – Lykke Li
I Believe – Kira & the Kindred Spirits
Hollywood Town – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Går med hunden gennem byen – Gnags

Image from iStockPhoto.
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