Monday Motorway Music™, February 25 – in memory of a Blues legend

Willie Kent and his bass

Actually, this edition of Monday Motorway Music takes its beginning half an hourish before the key went in the ignition of my much loved Citroën C5 Tourer. With music playing while I was doing the morning routines, getting ready to face another week.

(That relationship with the C5 as the newest Citroën version to be a part of our family actually would be well worth a motorway post on its own. Not only because the C5 eats up kilometers of motorway effortlessly but also because it was with the C5s that we first got the full family music library available in the car through iPod integration – and, with that, one fundamental for this column…)

But today’s column will instead honour a big blues name – I only today learned that Chicago blues legend Willie Kent passed away in 2006. I’ve had the pleasure and luck to hear him and his Gents play live twice – both times at Blue Chicago on Clark.

comin_aliveThe second time my wife was there with me and that’s when we got the autographed Comin’ Alive album. As impressed we were with atmosphere at Blue Chicago and the terrific music from the stage, it would be fair to say that we were also impressed with how open, friendly and warm Willie Kent came across when we had a small chat over the autographing as we had to explain and spell these odd Danish names when he insisted on not only signing but also dedicating the CD to us.

Always a nice memory to have – and I am truly glad to have some of his fabulous bass playing and awesome Mississippi Delta 12-bar blues in my music collection.

Sån’t er livet – TV-2
Born in the Delta – Willie Kent & the Gents
Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
Always – Leonard Cohen
I Was Right And You Were Wrong – Deacon Blue
Giving You Up – Kylie Minogue
Relax, Take It Easy – Mika

Images gently borrowed from The Official Willie Kent Website
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