Monday Motorway Music™, February 18 – what the bleep’s wrong with you?

Mad behind the wheelThis could have been a post about night life or me being a rather nocturnal animal – with inspiration from Lady GaGa as well as the Swedes in G:E:S below. If it weren’t for a) I actually went to bed rather early last night; b) I got annoyed by an idiot in traffic.

Actually, I was surprised it wasn’t a BMW – but then, Audis probably fit in the same league 😉 The league of “I’m very important to get out of my way”, y’know.

On the motorway, I admittedly changed out into the left hand (supposedly faster) lane. But I did indicate in good time, I did accelerate around the slower car I was overtaking and I had seen the Audi – well back. Only, the driver of the Audi apparently didn’t pay too much attention – at least it wasn’t until 100-200 m later (say, 4-5-6 seconds) that he suddenly realised that there was something else than empty road in front of him and he started flashing his lights.

(Yes, I am assuming a he. Used to be that you could count on these types being male – unfortunately, it doesn’t always hold up any longer. In order to keep the narrative simple, let’s just say that it was a him.)

Now, there were a few problems with this reaction. First, the Audi was so close to my rear end (that of the car, you!) that I could hardly see his front lights. Secondly, if upon waking up, he’d actually started looking out the window of his car, he’d have seen immediately that there were slower going cars in the right hand lane and there were a handful of cars in front of us (well, me) driving at about the same 113 km/h that I was doing.

So where exactly was I supposed to go in order for him to continue his morning sleep at over-the-limit speeds? Huh??

As a colleague of mine once said with a cool look in the mirror in a similar situation: “Hey you – get used to being late or learn to get uop earlier. Don’t drive around in my exhaust because you haven’t worked it out yet!” Of course, they can’t hear it back there…

It’s like this – I’d never be driving slowly in front of you in the fast lane on purpose. But, on the other hand, when the traffic is all of that speed, neither will I perform all sorts of dramatic evasive manouvers to clear the path for your speeding. Last time I looked, speeding was not a legal right, nor is it mentioned in the human rights declaration.

So ease up on your blood pressure by just lifting that right foot a tiny wee bit. We’ll all have a better day because of it 🙂

Confusion – Electric Light Orchestra
All American Girl (Live, Solo) – Melissa Etheridge
Is There Anybody Out There? – Pink Floyd
Dance in The Dark – Lady GaGa
Natten är min vän – Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt
Communiqué – Dire Straits

Image courtesy of bikesandwich on Flickr
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