Monday Motorway Music™, January 14 – Very Monday to you, too


Some Mondays are just that. Mondays.

Suddenly there seemingly only because the alarm clock tells you that it is no longer Sunday night. And, just to prove that no, it is not a mistake – this is no, whatever, Thursday morning – the alarm clock obviously takes the option to do so late.

Which is to say that your alarm clock in fact doesn’t say anything – it is the chirping of the alarm clock on the other side of the bed that insists that this is now Monday. Morning. Seems like an obvious lie as the darkness rather insistingly points out that it is night. But that is just a matter of latitude.

Very shortly, the chirping is joined by your wife’s hand on your shoulder and next is, in rapid succession, your feet on the floor, muddling into some clothing and some over-clothing and out with a dog that is not only very happy that it is now morning and time for some company but also exuberant that there is snow on the ground. Of course, he doesn’t know the next thing about Mondays…

And on the other side of tea, breakfast, shower, proper clothing and – not in the least – the music going in the car, I do conclude that yet another Monday has come and is something I can survive 😉

You Should Be Dancing – Bee Gees
Strange Phenomena – Kate Bush
Signe – Eric Clapton
We Don’t Get Along – The Go-Go’s
Duchess – Genesis
All We Can Really Do – Melissa Etheridge

Image courtesy of  IdlHandz on Flickr
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