Tuesday New Year Music™, January 1 – best wishes for 2013

3154691281_24f5901ebd_zNew Year’s Eve is well done and over with and yours truly can report no ill effects – no fireworks damages, no headaches, but admittedly a little tired after an evening with good food and wine in the company of good friends (and then, towards 1am, some more good friends)!

In short, the menu was delicious:

  • Champagne cocktails and appetizers
  • Creme Ninon (recipe from the Danish TV cooks James & Adam Price) ; Cremant de Bourgogne
  • Barbequed veal rump w/ gratineed mashed potatoes, two salads, etc; Amarone
  • Chocolate fondant w/ ice cream; LBV Port 2005

Nom nom!

The day has been suprisingly productive despite a decent lie in. Last of the Christmas things packed and stored in the attic, a floor repair in the office finished – and, finally, the last of the old LP collection has been transmogrified to digital. The collection has grown with somewhere around 200 songs over the last few days:

Skærmbillede 2013-01-01 kl. 21.01.18

Actually, there is some work still to do – the 8,040 songs in the NAS library will be pared down a bit as I know there are a number of duplicates in there. beaTunes will be coming to the rescue!

But having all those songs there is golden – I have been enjoying long time no hear songs on the Sonos zones in the house in the last otherwise quiet days 🙂 And the new Play:3 is still a source of joy and contentment!

What were these old songs, then?

A Shot of Rythm and Blues – Suzi Quatro
You Can Make Me Want You – Suzi Quatro
Nivram (live) – The Shadows
Hotblooded – Roxette
The March of The Black Queen – Queen
Hammer to Fall – Queen
Once in A Lifetime (live) – Talking Heads
Take Me to The River (live) – Talking Heads

Happy New Year to all of you!

Image courtesy of jonmartin on Flickr
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