Thursday Coming Home Music™, December 13 – New player in house!


Two confessions, one of which at least should make my head hang in shame – but it doesn’t because it’s just too cool:

  • I have unpacked one of my Christmas presents (actually bought it myself, too)
  • Bob, I so enjoy the Sonos system we have

The net result of these two things is that the “master bathroom” (a term not really used generally in Denmark, I believe – but, then, the bigger bathroom upstairs) now is home for our 4th Sonos zone. A Play:3 has found it’s way here 🙂

Actually, I did the crawling around on the floor with cables and stuff so now the unit is more conveniently placed at the end of the table and not right in front of the window where we actually use the space.

And, in the process, I have learnt that the house elves (read: children) that are responsible for the hoovering do not always get into the corners and under the shelves. The dust bunnies had to be beaten back with a stick before I could get at them with the hoover!

(Main reason for an odd Thursday update is that tomorrow is Big Company Christmas Party Friday – so there will be lots and lots and lots of music. And just the tiniest amount of drinking. And as for the music, I plan and hope to be too busy dancing to it to write about it!)

First 10 songs played on the new zone:

A.C.D.C. – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Kayleigh – Marillion
Dig og Mig – Dieters Lieder
Bag Duggede Ruder – TV-2
Under Your Spell – Shakatak
Små Blå Mænd – Shu-Bi-Dua
Gold Dust Woman – Fleetwood Mac
’74-’75 – Connells
Similar Features – Melissa Etheridge
Skye (Live) – Runrig

Photo by me
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