Monday Motorway Music™, October 29 – Autumn beauty and the musical omnivore

The autum leaves
Drift by my window
The autumn leaves
Of red and gold
(Paula Cole, Autumn Leaves)

These last few weeks, autumn has been splendid – reds and greens and yellows all over the place. Have a look here, if you will. So in the weekend, I suggested a change of the planned programme of practicalities around the palace (well, it’s a house – but the alliteration was not to be missed ;)) and thus before lunch we took the dog for a good long walk in the forest and drank ourselves full of the colour magnificence.

On top of which we drank a good local IPA for lunch – but that’s another story…

Musically, I had an interesting “crossing of swords” with online friends over what constitutes good music. Nah, it wasn’t that bad – but I posted a short list of lazy, quiet, loungy music that had been on in the kitchen while cooking for Saturday evening. And yes, it did include Barry Manilow 😉 To which somebody objected…

Now, I confess – I like a lot of different music. The other morning I sat in the living room in the small half hour between rousing the lad and sitting down for breakfast and listened to Ravel’s Bolero. And I believe that I lately, in one of these lists, have had Paramore on for the morning drive. And most things in between are fine. Honestly.

(Update: speaking of Ravel’s Bolero – if you haven’t seen the Copenhagen Phil performing it as a flashmob event at Copenhagen Central Station, you should…

And so, this Monday morning:

Let’s Dance – David Bowie
Six Days On The Road – Delta Cross Band
Jealous Guy – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Fiske-Disk – Shu-bi-dua
Mamma Mia – ABBA

Image by me.
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