Thursday Motorway Music™, September 20 – good to go and dance music in pairs


After an absolutely brilliant late summer with lots of sun and warm weather (hey, do remember, this is after all far-to-the-North little Denmark), there is now decidedly a nip in the air and leaves are leaving green for yellow and red.

So it was – from a warm weather point of view – in time that I just today got information that I can go and pick my passport with a shiny new visum up from the Indian embassy in Copenhagen. ‘Cause I fly to Mumbai on Sunday – via somewhere in Germany. The possibilty exists of a new Cobblestone Flight Review coming up 🙂

As to this morning’s music, the randomisation was a wee bit on the odd side: From the beginning, songs came out two by two per artist. OK, only for two artists, but still – what is the odds with 766 songs in the source playlist? (Requires more numbers and a good deal of the statistics I, despite my respect for my late father and his profession, have forgotten…)

And the beats of today’s music were also … if you’ll excuse the bad pun … a little off my beaten track. Hip Hop, Dance, 2000’s beats… And then some older dance, rhythm-heavy, synth-laden stuff to make it up with. The car danced it’s way to work 🙂

The beats were these:

Hot! & Boing! – Nik & Jay
Ensom & Kun for mig – Medina
Hung Up – Madonna
Moving On Up – M People
Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

Image scourtesey of Nathália Santana on Flickr
And by the way, written on freshly updated iPad/iOS6 and iMac/Mountain Lion 🙂 
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