Tuesday Motorway Music™, September 4 – going for an autumn on the rapid spin cycle

Nope, not that kind of cycling this week. Though I still do my best to get on the bike once or twice a week, while the season still permits.

All too soon the morning light will be too far gone and some of the paths I drive are in a condition that doesn’t go well with that. OK, I could choose a road route – add 7 km – or a monster of a headlamp. But no. Off-season is off season. Half of the pleasure is seeing the nature around me while I bike along.

No, the spin cycle in this context is the centrifugal variety – and aptly describes my travelling over the next months:

  • India
  • Germany
  • Germany (with only a weekend in between, but that, on the other hand, lets me properly kiss my daughter goodbye as she leaves for Spain for 12 weeks)
  • Belgium (I reckon)
  • France (could be, at least)
  • South Africa
  • and maybe towards the end of the year, United States

Phew. Hey. flying is fun 🙂 

As a matter of fact, flying in itself isn’t that funny (shhhh!). But I still revel in all that happens at the other end of the trips – meeting people, exploring cultural differences and similarities, learning, making things happen. Oh yeah, that is fun!

And today’s little list of making-happy music:

All That She Wants – Ace Of Base
Sån’t er livet – TV-2
Anyway You Want It – Journey (appropriate in the context ;))
A To The B – Infernal
Touching Me Touching You – Alphabeat

Image slightly modified from original by Scalino on Flickr
And by the way, that was post # 100 here 🙂 
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