“Friday*” Bicycle Music™, June 27 – a proud father and deer I shouldn’t have seen

To start of with the proud father thing – my dear daughter graduated from high school yesterday and the family spent the rest of the day beaming and considering whether you can actually live on champagne alone (ok, not really – but we had a nice festive lunch and a pleasant afternoon and evening with friends and family).

So it was with some redwine and champagne making a bit of presence in my legs when I jumped on the bicycle this morning – but speedwise it actually went quite well. Surprisingly well, even.

So well that when I hit the second forest trail on the route, I was concentrating quite hard on keeping the cadence and trying to make it through the 18 km in a very decent time – and thus did not to what I have kept on telling my scouts for years to always do: Keep your ¤%(¤&(/(`()%#¤ mind on the route!

Which I found out some 4-500 m too far east. Hmmm. The iPhone maps really do not have the forest paths marked – but I could get an overview GPS shot that showed me the lake I am supposed to be skirting quite well to my west. So from there – because doubling back is a little too easy 😉 – it was a question of getting a compass feeling for how to go west or northwest. And eventually I regained my way.

Of course, that meant that all opportunities for a good time and average speed was down the drain. But nothing is so bad that it isn’t good for something, as a Danish saying goes. And in this case, my detour meant that I got the pleasure of seeing red deer crossing the path I was on a mere 10-15 meters in front of me. Nice one!

Music from the list that kept me on – and off – the chosen path today:

Rehab – Amy Winehouse
Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel
Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
Contact High – Scissor Sisters
Let’s Stick Together – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker
Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
Killer / Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone – George Michael

Image courtesy of DMangus on Flickr
*What’s with the “Friday” thing – given that it’s Wednesday? Well, I am travelling on Friday, so no car or bike ride to report on… Have a nice weekend 🙂
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3 Responses to “Friday*” Bicycle Music™, June 27 – a proud father and deer I shouldn’t have seen

  1. ROAS says:

    Nice photography.. The colours and the textures are amazing 🙂

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