Friday Motorway Music™, June 22 – a “grumpy old man” listening to loud music

Warning: rant coming…

But, really, some times traffic – or, more precisely, what people apparently think they can allow themselves to do in it – turns me into a grumpy old man. Statler and Waldorf, move over!

Two categories of offences that irks me – blatant violations of the traffic code and the  “oh, there are actually other people on the road than me” kind of driving.

To start with the latter – one predominant example is Danes’ extreme liking for the middle lane. Yes, I know that the traffic code specifies that I should drive to the right, but…

  • I don’t need to, because I have paid my taxes which surely includes road taxes so I actually own this road
  • Oh, but I am going to turn left in 14 km so I am just making sure that I am correctly placed in traffic in good time

Yeah, right (pun intended). Just pull in, will you?

I seem to be a regular victim of a special case of this category of not relating to conditions outside the car. Very many mornings, on the last kilometer or so before my exit, traffic in the right hand lane slows down from 110 km/h to 90, 80 or sometimes even less. For the life of me, I can’t find a reason. Traffic is not heavy, the road is not winding and difficult – it’s a motorway, for Bob’s sake – but still, crawl, crawl, crawl. Why?

From a society point of view, the first category is of course more of a problem. I see this kind of behaviour way too often – reckless speeding, ignoring that the light is changing because “I am obviously very important and very busy so stopping at a traffic light is beneath me”, parking right around corners or where signs explicitly say it is prohibited, so that traffic is screwed up and passing becomes dangerous…

That sort of thing causes accidents – and actually puts lives at risk. Is it really worth it to run a red light to get 15 seconds earlier to work – if you think about that one day, a bicyclist may see that the light is now red in your direction and starts pedalling just a wee bit early, and …

Here’s my advice to you: Either learn to get up earlier or live with being late. Do not put the rest of us at risk.

End of rant. Here’s the music that played through the fumes of swearing in the car 😉

I Can’t Dance – Genesis
Leader of the Pack – The Shangri-Las
Under My Thumb – Rolling Stones
Blue Collar Man – Styx
Black Betty – Ram Jam
Sexbomb – Tom Jones

Image: Muppet Show's grumpy old men. Perfect illustration...
Issues with my use? Let me know, and I will remove it.
PS: Had to use those quotation marks in the headline, didn’t I? Otherwise my kids would surely point to the fact that they now had it in writing that I confess to being old…
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