Friday Bicycle Music™, June 15 – the letter “R” and a moral dilemma

I have been quite happy with the increase in bicycling exercise that I have been able to slot in lately – actually under my breath aiming for twice per week; something like Tuesdays and Fridays. After being travelling and stuffing my head in restaurants all last week – by the way, you can eat well in Tel Aviv – I did feel an urge to “get moving” so Tuesday I was on my bike and had great rides both out and home.

Fridays, however, have been my original choice for biking days – for the simple reason that we meet over breakfast & coffee in the office and despite having eaten from home, I am starving after my 18 km here. So that fits!

And here comes the moral dilemma. An ad hoc gathering after work was announced for today – meet at the harbour after work for a beer or the like, with an option of hanging around for dinner and one or two ex-colleagues might show up, too.

Hmmmmm. To cut a long story short, the social side of me won over the exercise side of me hands down in one of the shorter “angel on one shoulder, devil on the other” battles in modern times. Hey, that’s me… 😉

As to “R” – for odd reasons, the iPod in the car wasn’t shuffling music this morning but just went down the alphabetical list by song title from where it started. Some good stuff there – maybe I’ll dare to do “M” another day (to pull a letter out of thin air).

Rave On – Delta Cross Band
The Real Thing – Lisa Stansfield
Real Wild Child – Iggy Pop
Rehab – Amy Winehouse
Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Renegade – Styx

The image for today’s post is the cover image from the Styx album that “Renegade” is from. I have always found this to be one of the greatest covers I’ve ever had – I don’t know exactly what triggers my liking so strongly. Surely, the composition is brilliant, the depth and colours, to me, are stunningly beautiful. But it’s … haunting in a positive way. Brilliant, methinks.

Image: album cover for the Styx album "Renegade". Lifted off a webpage; the only intention being expressing admiration. In case of intellectual property right issues, let me know & I will remove it.
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