Friday Bicycle Music™, June 1 – electronic nerdiness and biking in a sentimental mood

No, that is not what my bicycle GPS setup looks like – but I liked the sensation of speed from that downlooking photo.

I decided to go paid on the iPhone GPS tracking that I use – so I’ve gone from Endomondo to Runmeter GPS. Two reasons, basically – I had some trouble with keeping both music and voice announcements running with Endomondo and I realised that the impressive amount of height meters I reported struggling with last week probably was off by a factor that I can’t work out. Doesn’t seem to be feet vs meters – dunno.

But I read some very positive reviews of Runmeter and as it handles iPhone music from within the app and also has a good set of options for finetuning the voice feedback you can get while riding, I decided to jump ship. Nothing like hearing a friendly female voice ticking off the kilometers as you pedal along 🙂

For those interested: hardware setup is an iPhone 4 along with a Jabra Sport bluetooth  headset. Nice one!

The sentimental mood (no, I didn’t listen to that particular jazz standard) comes from the start of the music list today – randomness kept it on the quiet side until km 8 or so. Excertps of the list:

You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King
Jeg vil ha’ dig – TV-2
Un-break My Heart – Toni Braxton
Love Hurts – Joan Jett
Moving On Up – M People
En Kort, En Lang – Lisa Nielsson
Dressed for Success – Roxette
Hey Good Lookin’ – Backseat Boys

Image courtesy of hyper7pro on Flickr
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