“Friday” Motorway Music™, May 3 – glorious spring days

Hello Daddy, hello Mom
I’m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

– could be the explaining text to that picture! (quote from “Cherry Bomb”, The Runaways).

The intention actually was to have a picture up there of my beloved spring-liquid-gold kind of green splendour that is in the forests around me right now due to the beech trees exploding in the wonderfully sunny days we’ve had the last few days. But then I saw that cherry tree against the blue sky on my way from the car to the office building this morning and went “ooohhh, that’s nice.”

The first song on the list below actually has a few lines that describes reasonably well what the last days of sun intensity has meant to the speed of things turning green:

Retter lidt på kjolen og træder fra skyggen ud i solen
Hvor næsten alting foregår med lynets fart

– or something like –

Adjusts the dress a little and steps from shade into the sun’s might
Where just about everything happens at the speed of light

In case you should wonder why the list today is a “Friday” one, tomorrow is a national holiday here – which will not stop me from boarding a plane at yawn-o’clock and fly to Belgium for a meeting. So there.

Rasta Rendezvous / Lotte Rømer
Can’t Hide Love / Earth, Wind & Fire
Aston Martin ’66 (live) / Allan Olsen
C’mon C’mon / Sheryl Crow ft The Corrs

Image: my own photo
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