Friday Bicycle Music™, April 20 – back on the bike :)

After my stunt a few weeks ago, both the bike and I are quite well healed – the bike not only got a necessary new front wheel but also a thorough spring overhaul. So equipped with most of a new drivetrain, I decided that now it was springtime enough to dive into this season of Friday bicycling to work. At least is shouldn’t be too hard to do better than last year’s abysmal statistics…

Lovely trip! As usual, the hills are a little steeper and longer than later in the season but the time for the 19 km was ok (not that I time it as such – bicycle computer will not appear until I am in halfway decent shape) and I did have air to attack the last major hill satisfactorily.

Actually, the music list is a compilation – representative choices of four days on the motorway and today’s on the forest paths:

Mon: I’m not in love – 10 CC
Tue: Jeg vil ha’ dig – TV-2
Ons: The Power – Snap! / The Anniversary Waltz – Status Quo
Tors: Calling You – Jevetta Steele
Fre: Instead – Madeleine Peyroux / The Air That I Breathe – k.d. lang (and many more)

Image courtesy of endl on Flickr
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