Friday Motorway Music™, April 13 – and so it all begins again

Many things actually fits this headline – work began again after Easter, keeping up on the blog back on rails after, yep, Easter and also I recommenced travelling after a wee hiatus. More trips on the line – my TripIt account has or will have 3-4-5ish ones to keep track of, I’m afraid.

But first and foremost, spring is around us. In Denmark, to be honest, it is dragging its feet with temperatures being below par (which, in this case, is not the desired outcome). But slowly but surely, it is lighter and at some point, the powers of the sun will trigger the magic and have the trees turn green.

Travelling does have its advantages – yesterday, around Milan, I got to really feel some sunshiny spring warmth even if it has also been cool there the last week or so after some gorgeous weather previously. And the leaves were out there, fresh and green and enjoying their fresh start of the season. Which resulted in these two accounts of spring through my eyes:

Green leaves on trees here
Spring seeping into my bones
Oh, how I need it


Italian sunshine
Turning the leaves green on trees
Spring in full splendour

As for the music this morning, some of it vibrated well with the spring reboot feeling – and some was just “good old stuff”:

Turn it on again / Genesis
A.D. 1928/Rockin’ the Paradise / Styx
Magi i luften /Halberg-Larsen
A Case of You / Diana Krall
My Girl and Me / Gangway

Image: my own photo
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