Friday Motorway Music™, Mar 30 – no real red thread

Hard one to craft a coherent story on today’s music choices. Life (…”don’t talk to me about life”) did not really offer any intriguing stories other than Easter and a few days of downtime with the family is coming up and looked forward to. And the music itself was a relatively well randomised collection of some this and some that.

OK, maybe a short word about the randomness – or lack thereof. My dear late father early in my exposure to probabilities and statistics introduced me to a book with the saying title “How to lie with Statistics” (Darrell Huff, (1954) How to Lie with Statistics (illust. I. Geis), Norton, New York, ISBN 0393310728). So it should come as no surprise to anyone that sometimes there is a … ermmm … bias in the selections.

Mainly I do let the iPod in the glove compartment run free – but often within some limitations based on a playlist or a certain Genius seed. So there, that’s off my conscience 🙂

Just as a little attempt of linking back to a previous edition of the Motorway Music™ lists: I did play ’em loud!

Kun for mig / Medina
Nothin’ but a good time / Whitesnake
Rock DJ / Robbie Williams
Staying alive in The Wall / Bee Gees and Pink Floyd mashup
Are you gonna go my way / Lanny Kravitz

Next week: May not have a feature as it is Good Friday & likely not to involve getting up early and on the motorway at all…

Image courtesy of Domiriel on Flickr
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