Friday Motorway Music™, Mar 23 – Music Heals

Saturday was in many ways a very good day – spent on a scouting event where we were good-naturedly competing against each other in various very well thought-out disciplines in the cityscape of Copenhagen.

Take our first challenge: equipped with an underwater scope and three pairs of waders, the task was for the team to fish out junk items from a lake in a public park and create a sculpture. Time available: 20 minutes. Yes, it did attract a few onlookers and yes, it did made them look as if they considered what on Earth we were doing.

Not that it has ever happened before on this blog – but I digress 😉

See, on the way home from that event – to make a long story short – I took a pretty bad bicycle dive. Spent an hour and a half in the ER and came home with cleaned abrasions on nose and knee as well as four stitches in my right arm. No broken bones and no concussions or worse – thank Bob for bicycle helmets. (Hint: do you bicycle? Wear one!)

The healing’s going OK but this morning, the arm hurt like … Well, ouch. Not the wound but more the arm in general. Probably the hematoma is making itself noticed while dissipating? It was big enough to impress the ER people…

But other than some paracetamol that obviously called for some healing music this morning. Could have been Marvin Gaye – but that would have been a) too obvious and b) involving activities normally frowned upon while driving… So this was it:

So Fine / Electric Light Orchestra
That’s the way (I like it) / KC & The Sunshine Band
Sweet Home Alabama / Lynyrd Skynyrd
When Tomorrow Comes / Eurythmics
Står her endnu / Østkyst Hustlers

Image is a rework based on "what ails you" courtesy of monkey and "Musical+notes" courtesy of labanex; both on Flickr
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