Friday Motorway Music™, Mar 16 – To be played at maximum volume

Ziggy Stardust cover back

Wednesday and Thursday were two very good, very interesting and – admittedly – very long and tiring workdays. Spending quality time with our sales colleagues from around Europe, discussing what should be the figures for next fiscal year’s budget and, especially, what to do in order to make them possible.

After 6 x 2 hours of those meetings over two days – and after going home yesterday so very impressed with the quality of people we get to work with – I was tired this morning.

Two main avenues of dealing with that: A double shot latte from my local Baresso on the way to work. And a list of songs that just are meant to be played loud. (And yes, I could have chosen Plastic Bertrand’s “Ca plane pour moi” that had a “Play Loud!” notice on the record label… Some other time.)

The loud list:

Cotton Eye Joe / Rednex
Livin’ on a prayer / Bon Jovi
Legs / ZZ Top
The Final Countdown / Europe
I kissed a girl (rock edit) / Katy Perry
My Immortal* / Evanescence**

* OK, not a loud song of theirs. But hauntingly beautiful and works well loud, too
** Must love a Rock band that originates in Little Rock, AR
Photo modified from an image of "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" / David Bowie LP cover back exactly like the one I had...
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