Friday Motorway Music™, Mar 9 – no motorway, we’ve eloped


This post is deceptive in a few ways – but it is all for a good cause. To start off, it’s not actually written on a Friday. Secondly, as the title suggests, there is no motorway driving involved – neither at the time of writing nor, presumably, on Friday morning. And thirdly, the randomness of the music picks is just … well, not quite that random this time.

All because we are, when this automagically publishes, on a happy long husband-and-wife weekend in Istanbul 🙂 Leaving the kids (wait, … they’re actually young adults – how the %^{{%¥¥> did that happen ;)) and the dog to man the fort with no bad conscience whatsoever, we’re eloping to relax, hold hands, enjoy the many cultural offerings of Istanbul and basically enjoy life a bit.

The soundtrack devised to go with it, partly inspired by what the iPad and iPod played this morning while I was digging out clothes and stuff to pack later tonight:

I hate myself for loving you* / Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
You call it madness / Diana Krall
You’ve got it / Roy Orbison
In love we grow / Sanne Salomonsen w/ Chris Minh Doky Quartet
The second you sleep / Saybia

* Not very romantic… But it’s a great rock song, I has a particular weakness for Joan Jett and at least it has the bit “but I’d run back to you” 😉

Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt on Flickr
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