Friday Motorway Music™, Feb 24 – from the black box

Some times I run these morning music “programmes” off a certain playlist or choose an artist, maybe even a Genius list based on some song that is in rotation in my own gray box, so to speak.

This morning, however, the black box – the iPod that now has a permanent address in the glove compartment in the car and holds the whole 7,500 songs in the collection – did its own magic. And this is what came out – judge by yourself if there’s a Schrödinger’s DJ in the box:

Bohemian Rhapsody / Queen*
Blockbuster / The Sweet
Kom og hold mig / Halberg Larsen
Like the way I do / Melissa Etheridge
Good as it gets / Beth Hart

* I was left with just one question this morning in the car: how does my 18-year old daughter – who I gave a lift to school – walk around and know stuff so she can calmly say “I know!” when I start telling about the amazing, at least for the time, amount of overdubs and recording tracks used? Dear, you never stop to amaze me 🙂
Picture based on photo courtesy of jiva on Flickr
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