Friday Motorway Music™, Jan 13 – What’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing, I can hear you say. And, indeed, it is a very lovely, well-composed photo and I absolutely love the colour range in it. But there is something wrong…

The snow is what’s wrong. I mean, it belongs in the picture and even does a great job of being beautiful and wintery and making the picture what it is.

But – we don’t have any. And somehow, that doesn’t seem right to me. OK; having one more of the kind we’ve had the last two years might have people walking about being afraid of the fimbulwinter, it being the third in a row*. On top of the Mayan thing for 2012, that could have been just a little too cataclysmic.

But – just a little bit of proper winter. Please?

Next instalment, if I succeed, may be a US roadshow of music from the state of Michigan. We’ll see…

Kiss / Tom Jones
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick / Ian Dury & the Blockheads
The Anniversary Waltz / Status Quo
Abacab / Genesis

Photo courtesy of Ben Harding on Flickr
* Yeah, I know, there have been intervening summers. But you never know…
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