Friday Motorway Music™, Jan 6 – So, 2012 starts


So, a wee bit of hiatus from music listings over Christmas and New Year comes to an end while 2012 gets itself organised and starts. This 2012-thing has, on average, been more rain sodden than sparkling – but at least, there’s sunshine outside the window today to put smiles up and sparkles in eyes.

Heading into the weekend with a little trepidation as I’ll be doing something, I haven’t done since nineteen-mumble-mumble (say, ’86 if you really want to know): DJing. OK, it’ll be in a toe-in-the-water kind of way, no huge crowds or – Bob forbid – paying audiences. But still.

I’m banking on excellent support from DJay for Mac (“…using all your songs from iTunes, ready to rock your next party with unpresedented ease” – oh, I do hope so!) , and as I am also a guest at the party in question, both its Automix and DJay Remote facilities, so I can also be ON the dancefloor. It’ll be fun 🙂

Pre-listening on the iTunes playlist that forms the danceable core of my music collection this morning on the motorway came up with this random collection of songs:

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough / Zindy Kuku Boogalooo
Dancing in the Street / Matt Bianco
Neutron Dance / Pointer Sisters
Tainted Love (12″) / Soft Cell – but do I really dare playing the 8:55 min maxi-single version?

Photo courtesy of Pixel Addict on Flickr
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