Friday Motorway Music™, December 16 – Back to the 80s

Last week, writing here, I was about to rush head first into a party. And a fab party, it was. Left me with sore and tired legs when I had to get up the following morning – at 6:30 due to some major glitz in planning – but that was merely due to more or less living on the dancefloor once the music got going. And going it got!

There just is something about music from the 80s (and 70s actually) that not only corresponds to my age (!) but also makes it very, very well suited to keep people on a dancefloor. And, on Friday, people were kept there – the series of images below were taken roughly 2 hours apart: 6, 8 and 10 hours after the whole thing started with 400 people seated at 8-person tables for food and drink…

…and show a full dancefloor from start to finish. It’s a treat to have colleagues (and so many of them) who truly likes to have a party!

Today’s list, then –

The Wanderer / Donna Summer
Fading Like A Flower / Roxette
Rasputin / Boney M
Roseanna / Toto
Without You / Mariah Carey

Photo - a self-created mix of good old-fashioned LP covers
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