Friday Motorway Music™, November 4 – a tribute and an off-season confession

No shuffling today of any playlist or for that matter the full list of (at time of writing) 7,059 songs on the iPod that lives in the car’s glove compartment.

This morning on my way out of the door – well, I actually went out the door three times as I’d forgotten the shopping list and my phone and was sufficiently morning inflicted so as not to be able to think about them at the same time –  a stray comment from the online world drifted across my brain. A complaint about being confronted, in the month of October, with Christmas music in the supermarket. “Blue Christmas”, apparently, was the offending song.

Now, I will sign up any day to any list that suggest forbidding Christmas items, advertising, song or, Bob forbid, carol playing before – say, mid-November. And yet, when I came to think of this, I felt the urge to hear Melissa Etheridge sing it.

So, very nicely of her, she did. And she followed up with “Merry Christmas Baby” before I wrangled the iPod on to her other, non-seasonal, albums. Both these songs are musts in December in any Christmas-observing part of the world – and actually, as blues songs, can be listened to with pleasure at any time if you can abstract away from the winter solstice relation.

And through most of my office day, Melissa Etheridge has been playing away. Here, just before the weekend, it’s the “Live… And Alone” album. Wonderful.

“I know you’re confused, I know that you’re shaken
You think we’ll be lost once we begin
I know you’re weak, I know that you want me
Lover, don’t speak, let me in”
“I want to come over”, Melissa Etheridge

And if you ever need a definition of charisma, sit yourself down and watch “Bring Me Some Water” from the “Live …  and Alone” show. Can regularily be found on YouTube – if you’re around and ask nicely, you can also watch it on DVD in the Cobblestone residence.

Photo courtesy of DDFic on Flickr.
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