Friday Motorway Music™, October 28 – let’s hear it for the rhythm section

(you’re right, that is not a motorway image – there’s a limit to what creativity I can milk out of one idea…)

Today was a trip to work driven not only by my cherished 2.0 liter diesel engine but most certainly also by bass and drums. No, not drum ‘n bass (I’m likely too old and too set in my ways to appreciate that particular genre…).

I have along my career of enjoying music grown to appreciate the value of a good rhytm section more and more. Take a listen to Fleetwood Mac if you don’t mind – Mick Fleetwood and John McVie has been named the bestest and most solid rhytm section in rock and there’s a reason why. They’re just always where they should be.

It’s as Pink sings it –

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music

Yep, love is the rhythm!

Why all this? Well, today’s tracks just happened to be with bass and/or drumming that defined the songs and made them stand up and shout “Hey – listen, you!.” Across several genres – psychedelic rock, new wave, funk, glam rock. Could’ve been jazz, too – the Clayton/Hamilton pair that Diana Krall has played so much and brilliantly with springs to mind. Or, for that matter – NHØP, Bo Stief, Mads Vinding, Chris Minh Doky or any other of the host of good Danish jazz bass players.

No prolonging it more? Well then –

Rasta Rendezvous / Lotte Rømer
Get Up And Go / The Go-Go’s
One Of These Days (Live; Delicate Sound of Thunder) / Pink Floyd
The Wild One / Suzi Quatro

Photo courtesy of Roadside Guitars on Flickr.
Note: I flipped the photo 180°...
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