Sevilla snapshots

Last week was spend gloriously vacationing and generally basking in the warm sunshine that Sevilla has to offer 🙂 So instead of the somewhat regular music post, enjoy the serenity of the picture above.

The photo was snapped with my phone on a sudden whim when actually just darting up to the room to get something I forgot one of the days before going out to explore Barrio Santa Cruz (and, in very short order, get lost in the maze of it). But nevertheless, I really like it – the black and white appearance came out all by itself and I just think it oozes calmness and cool.

A small other photo thing – with thanks to Azahar for the lovely Sunday evening and their time with us and some really, really amazing tapas. Also from our daughter who still gets giggles and some hysterical laughs out of the story with Manolo scaring the living daylights out of her with a lobster 🙂

There are lots and lots of photos on the regular camera – in fact, I  came home with 444 of them on the card. But it’ll take some editing, cropping, rotating and selecting before they start appearing anywhere.

Photos by me.
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