Friday Motorway Music™, October 14 – First Frost Haiku

Warm yellow on trees
The sky a cold autumn blue
Ice on car windows.

Yep, it’s gotten to the season ruled by the necessity of ice scrapers in the morning. At least until the roofers are done and I can get the car down the driveway and in shelter during the night.

If you look closely enough on the picture, you can see the “-1°C” in the upper right corner of the car display. And the wee Parrot screen shows the first song of today’s list:

  • Sweet dreams (live) / Eurythmics
    Still the only band I’ve seen live three times…
  • I know your name / Misen
    From the Danish TV series “Ørnen” (“the Eagle”). A quiet, ethereal song for the first bit of the motorway.
  • Moving in Circles / City Boy
    Some 1st year in highschool memories there…
  • Hallelujah / k.d. lang
    Have on one occasion been involved in a discussion about which version of this song is the ultimate one. I like a few of them – including the short bit that Paramore does as a prelude to their own similarly named song. And k.d. lang’s voice is always a pleasure.
  • Come dance with me / Diana Krall, The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
    Another beautiful voice. And a question – how many jazz orchestras are named after the rhythm section, bass and drums?

The weather is, as hinted to above, cold – but beautiful. The plan is to exchange that for warm and beautiful – Sevilla lurking on the horizon in a few days 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend!

Photo by me.
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