Friday Motorway Music™, October 7 – will the world still stand on Monday?

I’m sure several of my learned friends can actually read that 😉 The point of it is to illustrate that in mere hours from now, I plunge headlong into a  world of hieroglyphs, archaeologists, nomads, Seth cults and a race to find the Simbambalo before the evil, evil bad guys can put it in the middle of the 4.500 year old tomb chamber and make the world as we know it disappear…

And with these uplifting thoughts in my head, this is what I listened to on maybe the last Friday as we know it…

  • Unchain my heart / Joe Cocker
    I’ve always liked the lines “I live a life of misery / And you don’t care a bag of beans for me ” Unchain my heart set me free”. But they raise the question: is it better to actually care a bag of beans for someone?
  • Du’ den eneste der ved det / Copyright
    Not a very known band in the big public – but for the Danes out there, this band was the precursor to Dodo & the Dodos 🙂
  • Still got the blues for you / Gary Moore
    Mmmmm – blues guitar. Loud in the car!
  • Back on the chain gang / Pretenders
    Would  be very appropriate on Monday mornings 😉  “Now we’re back in the fight / We’re back on the train / Oh, back on the chain gang”
  • Here comes the rain again / Eurythmics
    And no, it doesn’t! *frowns hard and raises his eyes to the clear blue skies this morning*

 And the weather, I hope, stays clear and nice – because the dire scenario descibed in the beginning is merely the framework of a scouting weekend and not a real threat to the world as we know it. Phew!

Illustration from the Simbambalo Hindedulilla invitation, Alugod DDS
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